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Thomas Swan were one of the first chemical companies to be certified to ISO14001 and ISO9001 and as part of our policy of responsible care we strive to maintain the highest quality and environmental standards. We are a long standing signatory of the Chemical Industries Association’s Responsible Care programme and in 2000 we became the first company in the world to gain external verification of its Responsible Care management system.

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ISO 45001

ISO 45001 is the international standard for ‘Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems’.

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is committed to a strict health and safety policy throughout all of our operations. Registration to ISO 45001 ensures that we can establish an occupational health and safety management system to eliminate or minimise risk to our employees, contractors & visitors during the course of their normal duties or visits to the site. We achieved registration to BS OHSAS 18001, the forerunner to ISO 45001, in 2000.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the internationally recognised standard for ‘Environmental Management System Requirements’.

As a chemical manufacturing company we are very aware of the need to manage and maintain our impact on the environment. Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. was one of the first chemical companies to achieve accreditation to ISO 14001 for its environmental standards. The company originally obtained registration to BS7750 in 1996.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for ‘Quality Management System Requirements’.

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is committed to continuous quality improvement and first achieved registration to BS5750 (the forerunner of ISO 9001) in 1987. As such the quality system requirements under ISO 9001 are fully implemented and embedded in the culture of the company ensuring our products and services are delivered and carried out to the highest standards.

Investors in People

Thomas Swan achieved accreditation to the Investors in People (IIP) standard in December 2019 . This is a significant achievement that highlights Thomas Swan’s ongoing commitment to outstanding leadership, support and management of its people. The IIP standard is an internationally recognised accreditation that thousands of organisations around the world have achieved to demonstrate excellence in people management.

Organisations that meet the world-recognised IIP Standard reflect the very best in people management excellence. Underpinning the Standard is the Investors in People Framework. Based on 25 years of leading practice, the latest research and workplace trends, the Investors in People Framework is organised around nine key indicators of high performance each with three underpinning themes. To achieve accreditation, organisations are assessed against these themes and indicators. Assessment is carried out through a desk-top review, interviews, meetings and observations. Research shows that IIP accredited organisations are more profitable, more sustainable and more optimistic about the future.

Responsible Care

As a company that is intimately involved in the handling, production, shipment and disposal of chemicals, we take considerable care to ensure that our activities are managed and monitored in a responsible way. Environmental responsibility has been a recurrent theme throughout our history – the business was founded in 1926 by recycling industrial waste (slag from the local steel industry).

More recently the core products from the 1970’s, such as CASAMID curing agents for coatings, used water-based technology to replace more polluting solvents. Our polyurethane materials are similar, some using water instead of solvents. Pepton, which is a key rubber additive manufactured at Consett, is a major energy saver for the rubber industry, allowing rubber to be processed much more efficiently.

We have established ourselves as UK leader in the application of environmental management systems and were one of the first recipients of the International Standards ISO 14001 award for environmental management.

Thomas Swan is also a long standing signatory of the Chemical Industries Association’s Responsible Care programme and was the first company in the world to gain external verification of its Responsible Care management system.

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Authorised Economic Operator

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. has been awarded AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) status by the UK’s HMRC. The application for, and subsequent granting of, AEO C (customs simplification) status is designed to improve the company’s export and import procedures and in preparation for BREXIT.

AEO is an internationally recognised quality mark relating to customs and security. It demonstrates that Thomas Swan’s role in the international supply chain is secure and that it has customs control procedures that meet UK and EU standards.

This important milestone should benefit the company and its customers in a number of ways:

-faster application process for customs authorisations
consignments will receive priority treatment for customs controls
-lower risk score may reduce the number of customs checks
-reduced declaration requirements for countries outside the UK and EU
-reciprocal arrangements and mutual recognition with countries outside the EU.

Management Policies

Our policies on Quality and Responsible Care (which incorporates safety, health and the environment) form an important part of the management systems for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. These are designed to fit within the company strategy and give commitments that we will strive to achieve.

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Ecovadis Platinum Accreditation

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We are proud to announce that the Thomas Swan has received a Platinum sustainability rating from EcoVadis. After achieving Gold status for three years in a row, the independent certification was received in December 2020 with an overall score of 73%. This improved rating places us within the top 1% of all companies assessed in our industry sector.

We also scored highly in various sub-sections, achieving top 3% in Environment, top 5% in Ethics (up from 18% in 2019) and top 8% in Labour & Human Rights (up from 24% in 2019). These improved scores reflect ourambition to continually improve the operations of the business in a sustainable, ethical, and commercially viable way.