Advanced Materials Division announce a major investment in characterisation equipment

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is recognised as a major manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals and over the last few years has invested heavily in its Advanced Materials Division. As known a pioneer in the Graphene Business, they are pleased to announce a major investment in characterisation equipment at their Consett head-quarters to add value to their customer engagements.The Nikon JEOL JCM‐6000PLUS SEM, with its magnification up to 60,000x, allows the company to have a better understanding of their materials by a rapid analysis of particle morphology and lateral size. Additionally, it helps them to evaluate change in the manufacturing process and so they can quickly and an efficiently fine-tune their products.

Marco Visconti (pictured below), Senior Research Chemist said “The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) helps us characterise the morphology of our graphene and 2D boron nitride materials powders or dispersions, to ensure we can offer the optimum technical interface with our customers in helping them achieve their own product features or enhancements”

The SEM produces images of solid specimens by scanning the surface with a focused beam of electrons. The interaction of electrons with the atoms on the surface of the sample generate a variety of signals that reveal information about the sample including morphology, particle size and chemical composition.

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