Graphene/2D Materials

Global leader in the development and supply of Advanced Materials and Technology

Thomas Swan’s Advanced Materials division is a global leader and innovator in the R&D and manufacturing of Graphenes and other 2D-nanomaterials. Using our Chemistry and ISO-standard manufacturing expertise we continue to invest in our products and process. We have the ability to manufacture 20-40 tonnes of high-quality, bulk graphene products, and with creative solutions we can integrate our nanomaterials into our customers’ wide ranging applications from nanocomposites to concrete, lubricants and batteries.


Our range of multi-functional, high performance GNPs are used as multi performance–enhancing additives in nanocomposites, lubricants and other applications such as batteries. Inspiring innovation with our combination of advanced materials, manufacturing and chemistry expertise we are extending the boundaries of graphene development. Open Innovation is at the heart of Thomas Swan and we are currently developing processes for the liquid phase exfoliation of other 3D materials in addition to graphite and boron-nitride.

Thomas Swan uses a Top-Down, High Shear Liquid Phase Exfoliation process to produce 2D materials, especially “Graphenes” (GNP) of multiple layers delivering a sub-set of the properties of single layer graphene.

Producing these in volume is our core value.

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