With their suitability as an additive into multiple composite-like application areas, we find our GNPs used in various polymeric compounds as well as concrete, asphalt, lubricants and coatings/inks.

  • Transportation/Automotive

    mechanical properties, weight reduction, UV resistance.

  • Tyres and rubbers

    durability, abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

  • Packaging

    thermal conductivity, barrier properties.

  • Building materials

    mechanical properties, weight reduction, barrier properties.

  • Coating and paints

    thermal conductivity improvement, barrier properties, abrasion resistance, anticorrosion properties.

  • Tubes/Pipes/Cables

    thermal conductivity, barrier property.

  • Sport equipment

    weight reduction, wear resistance, friction reduction, enhance strength to weight ratio, enhance durability.

  • Lubricants

    friction reduction, wear resistance, thermal conductivity.

  • Energy storage

    weight reduction, energy storage capacity, enhance durability.

  • If your application requirement is for thermally conductive / electrically insulating product then check out the 2D BN products.

Our Nanocomposites direction is supported via Black Masterbatch development with selected partners, and a preference for driving solutions in the High-Performance Engineering area.


Using Thomas Swan GNP one of our customers, Graphene Composites Ltd, has developed a lightweight, flexible shield that is both bullet and stab proof (i.e. tested to exceed US National Institute of Justice Level IIIA and UK Home Office PB1 and KR2 standards). Different variants of the GC Shield™ can fit into a schoolbag or provide full torso protection.


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