Manufacturing Process


Patented and Proven Scaled Manufacturing Process

We manufacture our GNP products using a mechanical liquid phase exfoliation process. Using a patent developed with Trinity College Dublin for high-shear exfoliation and subsequently developing our own patented process for high-volume manufacturing, we have a scalable, highly-efficient process for producing graphenes.

Building on our in-house manufacturing know-how, process engineering expertise and almost 100 years of experience in chemistry, we have perfected a modularly scalable process. Today we can produce 20-40t of our standard GNPs with a 100x capacity increase literally a project timescale away.

With 3 constituent inputs being solvent (typically water), carefully selected graphite and our surface chemistry know-how, our top-down manufacturing process yields highly stable, customer-confirmed reliable quality GNPs in dispersion, powder or masterbatch forms.


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