Graphene, or more accurately single-layer graphene, is “one single layer of carbon bound to three neighbours in a honeycomb structure” (ISO/TS 80004-13:2017). Graphene possesses an unsurpassed combination of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties.

Graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) are nanoparticles, consisting of graphene layers, with one external dimension in the nanoscale and the other two external dimensions significantly larger (ISO/TS 80004-13:2017) These nanomaterials deliver properties having a sub-set of that of single-layer graphene. As GNPs they can be used as an additive to multiple products (e.g. polymers, composites, concrete, asphalt, lubricants) to enable a multitude of costeffective feature-enhancing properties such as light-weighting, thermal conductivity, barrier properties, and so on.

Our GNPs are available in multiple forms (dispersion, powder, masterbatch) to suit your individual process route. Thomas Swan GNPs can also be customised to optimise your supply chain and enhance multiple features of your end-product cost-effectively. Be sure to ask about our EliScreen options to further speed-up this process development.

If your application requirement is for thermally conductive / electrically insulating product then check out the 2D BN products.

GNPPR1507EliCarb® GNP M1D1507Anionic surface modifierAq. Dispersion (9% solid by wt in H2O)
PR1515EliCarb® GNP F7D1515Non-ionic surface modifierAq. Dispersion (9% solid by wt in H2O)
R&DEliCarb® GNP F10DxxxxIonic /polymeric surface modifierAq. Dispersion (9% solid by wt in H2O)
R&DEliCarb® GNP F11D15xxNon-ionic /polymeric surface modifierAq. Dispersion (9% solid by wt in H2O)
AM1504Elicarb® GNP M1S1504Anionic surface modifierPaste
PR0953Elicarb® GNP M1P0953Anionic surface modifierPowder
PR0955Elicarb® GNP M1P0955Anionic surface modifierPowder
PR1518Elicarb® GNP F7P1518Non-ionic surface modifierPowder
R&DElicarb® GNP F11P15xxNon-ionic /polymeric surface modifierPowder
PS1522Elicarb® GNP F7M1522-10PA6Non-ionic surface modifierMasterbatch (10% in PA6)
R&DElicarb® GNP F11M15xx-10PA6Non-ionic /polymeric surface modifierMasterbatch (10% in PA6)
R&DElicarb® GNP FxM15xx-10yyyNon-ionic surface modifierMasterbatch (10% in TBD)
SP8100EliCarb® GNP M1E-[RD3]Anionic surface modifierDispersion - Epoxy
BNPR1151Elinova® BN B1P1151Anionic surface modifier Powder
PR1153Elinova® BN B1P1153Anionic surface modifierPowder
R&DElinova® BN CnPxxxxTBDPowder

As you would expect our characterisation and QA procedures demand the rigours demanded of an ISO-qualified global chemicals manufacturer. All products are tested within our company ISO-9001, 14001, 45001 standards and we adopt a Lean-Sigma approach to product development.

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