Casachem BHT and Casachem Molten BHT

Posted on September 26, 2023 BY Jo Hind

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Casachem BHT

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) is an antioxidant used as preservative in foods, animal feed, animal and vegetable oils, petroleum products, rubber, and plastics.

Typical Application Areas:

Casachem Molten BHT

Molten BHT is used as an antioxidant to prevent the oxidizing processes and as a inhibitor to prevent the polymerisation of unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Typical Application Areas:

Molten BHT has a low molecular weight and non-staining properties. It can assist in the preservation of organic material by reducing the effects of time, heat and light, the inhibition of gum in fuels and in the stabilization of plastics, waxes and both natural and synthetic rubbers.

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