Additives for the synthetic rubber industry to enable the production of ultra-high performance polymers with enhanced functional properties, facilitating improvement in high performance and green tyre tread compounds.

Polar modifiers improve random distribution of styrene and increase butadiene 1,2 vinyl content in solution styrene butadiene rubber (s-SBR).

Casamod™ 450

Tetrahydrofurfuryl Ethyl Ether (THFEE), used in the polymer industry during polymerisation of a range of monomers to produce a variety of copolymer species. It also has a chain transfer agent to control molecular weight and narrower polydispersity.

Casamod™ 550

2,2-Di (tetrahydrofuryl) propane (DTHFP) – is a polar modifier, also called randomiser, used for the production of s-SBR to control the microstructure of the polymer, providing high vinyl content and distribution of styrene.

In order to meet the new stringent criteria for tyres, the tyre producers increasingly need to use functionalised s-SBR to gain approvals on new OEM models and therefore migrate their focus towards s-SBR suppliers with superior microstructure and functionalisation technology.

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