Catalysts for Growing Businesses

Thomas Swan has considerable experience in the manufacture of a wide range of catalyst and performance chemicals using our state of the art chemical processing & solids isolation equipment.   Our diverse range of hastelloy equipment, coupled with experience of both organic and inorganic transformations, means that we are ideally placed to carry out your chemistry from kilo to multi tonnage quantities to suit your scale up needs.

Working with your Technical Team Thomas Swan can take your early stage laboratory route and develop this into a workable manufacturing process.  We have the capability to carry out full hazard testing and have considerable experience in the regulatory aspects (including REACH) of new product introduction.

Scale up is supported by a full suite of hazards evaluation and process evaluation tools to support the safe and efficient scale up of your catalyst product to the required specification.  Our manufacturing assets are regularly audited by our diverse customer base and we welcome collaborative manufacturing projects serving our customers and ultimately our customer’s customer needs.

A testimonial from a growing Catalyst company

We are a new company concentrating on research and development in the chemical industry, with a need to manufacture newly researched products as samples and production. We have chosen as our scale up toll manufacturing partner, Thomas Swan & Co. Limited, who have proved themselves to be exemplary with their quality and delivery of our products. They are easy to deal with, open, friendly and supply paperwork with relevant safety data with our completed samples and production in a timely manner.

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