Catalysts for Large Corporations

Thomas Swan has worked with multi-national companies on the development and scale-up of catalyst production processes and projects involving the surface modification of catalyst intermediates.

Typically, Thomas Swan is asked to work with the multi-national’s Technical Team to help scale up a newly developed product or system and to produce the first few kilos or tonnes for product launch & market evaluation.

Our Technical Team has a suite of advanced Hazard Assessment techniques and the latest analytical equipment to help with further investigation of the processes.

Following product launch, Thomas Swan can then act as an extension to our customers production facilities, utilising our extensive suites of multipurpose reactors to ultimately produce tens to hundreds of tonnes of finished product depending on the process and customer requirements.

A testimonial from a large Catalyst company

After some years collaborating with Thomas Swan to develop specialty chemicals, our Company is really glad to work with a nice inter-disciplinary and reliable team. They provide an excellent service with a great vocation for improvement, communication and quality. Their friendly people always collaborate with excellent initiative, expertise and an open-mind to discuss any idea that comes up. I recommend Thomas Swan as a partner, because of their team and innovation.

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