Robinson Brothers appoints Swan Chemical Inc. as Exclusive Distributor for Robac Technology in US and Canada

Swan Chemical Inc. (SCI) continues to grow its rubber masterbatch and additive market presence with the addition of the Robac Technology product range. Robinson Brothers continue to structure its Robac Technology business to bring innovative rubber accelerators and polymer chemicals to the global market.

Robinson Brothers and Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. are pleased to announce that from February 2017, SCI will represent the Robinson Brothers Robac Technology brand, which offers an innovative portfolio of rubber accelerators and polymer chemicals, in the USA.

SCI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., has established itself as a leading manufacturer of black masterbatch and full service distributor of rubber products including accelerators, waxes, blowing agents, batch inclusion bags and other specialty chemicals in North America, in addition to offering a wide range of Performance Chemicals into multiple markets. This latest announcement is part of a continued drive to grow SCI’s market presence in rubber additives across North America.

Robac Technology products provide rubber additive solutions for heightened regulatory demands in terms of health, safety and environmental matters. This approach has resulted in Robac Technology winning multiple prestigious industry awards for innovation. The joining together of a leading innovator with a rapidly growing distributor made this an ideal partnership for both companies.

Adrian Hanrahan, Managing Director of Robinson Brothers, said “We are excited to engage in this new distribution agreement with SCI, which we always viewed as a very progressive company. The USA continues to be a growth market for Robac Technology, therefore, our partnership with SCI. will allow us to enhance the Robac Technology brand and product portfolio across this territory. Whilst we envisage adding new customers through SCI’s strong distribution network, we will also continue to support and build on our relationships with existing customers. This is a win-win for everyone”.

Harry Swan, Managing Director of Thomas Swan said: “I’m delighted that Robinson Brothers have chosen SCI to represent their Robac Technology product range. This is a strong endorsement of SCI and our US distribution team as they continue to expand our rubber additive market presence in the USA and Canada. The Robac Technology product range will complement our wider rubber additive portfolio and we look forward to working closely with Robinson Brothers to grow their US and Canadian business.”

About Robinson Brothers and Robac Technology

Robinson Brothers was established in 1869 and is one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of speciality organic chemicals. The Robac Technology chemical range is part of the Robinson Brothers extensive chemistry portfolio, focusing specifically on chemicals used in dry and wet rubber applications, plus additional polymer additives. The Robac Technology product range is renowned worldwide for safe rubber vulcanization, low temperature curing and ultra-accelerators.

Their experience in the rubber industry has led to Robac Technology winning several prestigious awards for their innovative solutions for heightened regulatory demands. In addition to offering an existing product portfolio of rubber accelerators, Robac Technology provide a technical approach to identifying solutions for their customers. They have the technical expertise, chemical research and development department, polymer additives development equipment, analytical and rheological equipment to support compound development whilst providing bespoke solutions for their valued customers.

About Thomas Swan

Founded in the UK in 1926 Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is an independent chemical manufacturing company. SCI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thomas Swan and was established in 1985 to distribute Thomas Swan’s products into North America. Over the last 3 years SCI has broadened its portfolio to distribute products from a range of companies following the successful acquisition of Production Systems Inc. in 2015.

Thomas Swan’s UK facility offers large-scale synthesis as well as a dedicated Polymer Additive Laboratory; offering the capacity to carry out synthetic and natural rubber dry compounding, as well as a latex dispersion kit. The UK site has a R&D Laboratory, Kilo-Laboratory and Pilot Plant to support manufacturing campaigns ranging from kilogram to tonne quantities. Thomas Swan produces over 100 products and offers an experienced and flexible custom manufacturing service.