High Conductivity Fibres using Elicarb® Carbon Nanotubes from Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd.

Thomas Swan supports University of Surrey and Revolution Fibres to produce high conductivity fibres using Elicarb® Carbon Nanotubes

An ESPRC-funded industrial collaboration between Thomas Swan and the University of Surrey has achieved the controlled production of consistently aligned, light-weight, high-quality carbon nanotube (CNT) wires.

Thomas Swan worked with Dr Simon King and Dr Vlad Stolojan at the Advanced Technology Institute (ATI) within the University of Surrey and provided materials and development advice. Revolution Fibres, New Zealand’s premier advanced materials company and one of the world’s leading producers of nanofibre, worked with both parties to deliver the end-product in readiness for this new technology. Together with the University of Surrey, they are currently in the process of combining this exciting innovation with their Xantu.Layr® product, the world’s first commercially available interleaving nanofibre veil for use in fibre reinforced thermoset polymer composite materials.

Dr Vlad Stolojan said: “The research started as an industrial collaboration with Thomas Swan, their input and experience allowed us to formulate a research plan. Without the industrial perspective, it is fair to say that this proposal would not have been funded”.

Michael Edwards, Business Director of Thomas Swan’s Advanced Materials Division said: “The project has demonstrated an outstanding academic-industrial co-operation and this pioneering collaborative research has been further expanded into the areas of composites and conductive non-woven smart-textiles”.