High performance Graphene Coatings brought one step closer by leading chemical manufacturer

Thomas Swan launches a high-performance graphene intermediate product for coatings formulators.

Thomas Swan will announce to the British Coating Federation on 15th March 2017 the launch of a new Elicarb® Graphene product designed specifically for coatings formulators. Elicarb® Graphene Epoxy Dispersion is a cost effective, stable, easy to handle dispersion of Elicarb® Materials Grade Graphene powder for formulation into epoxy-based coating formulations. The product is available now in litre quantities for testing and evaluation.

Thomas Swan, the UK’s leading 2D materials supplier, has established a 20 tonne/year capability for the manufacture of Elicarb® Graphene and Elinova® Boron Nitride products at its UK manufacturing site in Consett, County Durham. The new product is based upon its well-established Elicarb® Materials Grade Powder product which is renowned for its quality and consistency. Elicarb® Graphene Epoxy Dispersion is a high performance intermediate product which is intended for further optimisation and incorporation into customers’ existing proprietary coating systems. The graphene dispersion is targeted at improving corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, chemical barrier and mechanical resistance in industrial coatings.

“Listening to our customers within the coatings industry, we learned that they require a reliable supply of graphene in a stable dispersion if graphene containing coatings are to be tested and adopted” said Clive O’Leary, Business Director – Performance Chemicals Division. “I am pleased that Thomas Swan is ideally placed to provide the required intermediate dispersions”.

“This product builds on our platform for supplying reliable, consistent graphene products at industrially relevant volumes and we are excited about satisfying this demand from the industrial coatings sector” said Andy Goodwin, Business Director – Advanced Materials Division.

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