Pepton® technology for cost-effective rubber processing solutions

Posted on July 10, 2024 BY Jo Hind

Gabriele Benzi, Commercial Manager, Performance Chemicals gave a presentation titled ‘Mix time and energy savings, and green compound stability with Pepton® DBD-based chemical peptiser’ at this years DKT German Rubber Conference.

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Customers report a 40% reduction in time and energy usage when using Pepton®, a chemical peptiser for rubber compounding. Tests demonstrate that just 30 seconds of mastication with Pepton® result in measurable molecular weight reduction, lower energy consumption, and significant process time savings. For decades, Thomas Swans global customer base has experienced the benefits of reduced mix time and energy savings by incorporating Pepton® products into their formulations. Thomas Swan Pepton® grades offer unrivalled sustainability and Carbon footprint, thanks to an onsite Anaerobic Digestion plant, Pepton® products are currently produced using >85% renewable energy.

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