Swan Chemical Inc. Announced as North American Distribution Partner for Bolder Industries BolderBlack®

  • Swan Chemical Inc. North American distribution partner for industrial rubber goods market segment.
  • Partnership makes BolderBlack® rCB (recovered carbon black) accessible
  • Speciality chemical business growing and more unique opportunities are available, like BolderBlack® rCB


Swan Chemical Inc., a subsidiary of Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. is now the key North American Distribution Partner for BolderBlack® rCB from Bolder Industries, the pioneer of commercialized rCB from end-of-life tires.

Bolder Industries CEO Tony Wibbeler said, “We are always looking for like-minded strategic partners who expand our customer support and service model. Swan Chemical’s parent, Thomas Swan & Co has been distributing, as well as manufacturing chemicals and advanced materials since 1926. Together, we can deliver to more customers, more efficiently so this partnership actually reduces the cost to customers.”

As a North American distribution partner within the industrial rubber goods market segment, Swan Chemical , is already integrated with Bolder Industries and delivering BolderBlack® products to customers — in fact, Swan Chemical  was  originally a customer, putting BolderBlack® into Swan Chemical’s  carbon black masterbatch.

After looking at several potential channels that would make it easier and more efficient for customers to access specialty chemicals, Bolder Industries selected Swan Chemical Inc. as their partner.   We both have tremendous overlap within the tire and rubber industry,  similar growth strategies, and a common  view on sustainability. Together,  we both have an even better way of engaging with and  developing solutions to  customers, by making these products more readily available.

“We are extremely excited to have been chosen as Bolder Industries’ agent into the North America Industrial Rubber Market. From our first discussion with Tony [Wibbeler, CEO Bolder Industries] and Nate, [Murphy, CTO Bolder Industries] it was immediately clear the tremendous   value that BolderBlack® rCB technology brings to the market in cost stability, a sustainable raw material and allowing  customers to meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives or earn LEED credits This partnership reinforces the passion these two companies share, relative to  sustainability and environmental responsibility. With Thomas Swan’s vision to achieve net-zero carbon by 2030, our partnership with Bolder Industries is the right thing to do for the future of our planet, said Ray Fahmy, President of US subsidiary Swan Chemical Inc. (SCI)

About Bolder Industries

Bolder Industries partners with global brands and manufactures the most sustainable rubber and plastic ingredient on the market, BolderBlack rCB, from its Innovation Lab. Bolder Industries converts end-of-life tires into desirable carbon black and petroleum — with minimal waste. Its mission is to solve a growing tire-waste problem while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and the use of electricity while creating manufacturing jobs in the USA. The passion for the mission has created a series of technological developments and patents focused on the waste tire problem and its custom compounding lab to help customers accelerate time to market. www.bolderindustries.com