Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. Announce Collaboration with Impact Biomedical

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. have announced their participation in a research collaboration to study Procombin Technology. Procombin is a range of plant-derived synergistic agents designed to boost the efficacy of antibiotics, preservatives, and other antimicrobial agents. Thomas Swan are partnering with Impact Biomedical, a wholly owned subsidiary of Document Security Systems Inc., and scientific research partner Global Research & Discovery Group Sciences (GRDG) to study the plant-based preservation booster.

This alliance will see the companies joining forces to conduct various studies of the booster agent’s effectiveness in combination with key preservatives for use in multiple applications, including household & institutional cleaning products as well as personal care products.

“Personal care, as well as household & institutional cleaning formulators have had to manage/struggle with an ever-shrinking portfolio of safe and effective preservatives. Procombin looks to nature for plant-derived, sustainable solutions to boosting today’s preservation systems, ultimately meeting consumers’ desire for environmentally conscious products,” said Ray Fahmy, Swan Chemical’s President.

“I believe the research world needs a renaissance where innovation and imagination are the key to a biotechnical future that will help the global community face increased biological threats. The research projects outlined are part of the pathway for Impact Biomedical to become a significant leader in that respect,” said Daryl Thompson, Impact Biomedical’s Director of Scientific Initiatives and founder of GRDG Sciences, LLC.