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Posted on July 19, 2023 BY Jo Hind

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Casathane™ Polyurethane Resin

Versatile resin flexo and gravure application in flexible packaging substrates

Manufactured in the UK using >85% renewable energy. Reduction of Plastic Waste: can be used to create more flexible packaging films and coatings, reducing the need for excessive plastic material.

Enhanced barrier properties of packaging materials improving resistance to moisture, gases, and odours, providing better protection for packaged goods. This helps extend the shelf life of products, reducing waste and the need for additional packaging.

Thermoplastic PU resins for use in combination with hard film forming resin.

Excellent Adhesion to plastic films, low odour.

Flexible order quantities, wide range of packing options available, reliable supply chain and logistics.

Casamid Casathane Inks

Casamid™ Polyamide Resins

High quality ink binders for flexible film packaging industry

>70% bio-based content, manufactured in the UK using >85% renewable energy

Great flexibility and adhesion to polyolefin films, Suitable for cold-seal release laquers

Bespoke formulations for your application

Reliable supply chain and logistics

Packaging printed with polyamide ink binders can be readily recyclable. The ink binders are designed to allow for efficient separation and removal during the recycling process, ensuring the packaging materials can be reused or repurposed effectively.

Polyamide ink binders can be formulated as water-based inks, which offer multiple sustainability advantages. Water-based inks have lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions compared to solvent-based alternatives, having a lower toxicity and reducing CO2 during printing.

Inks and Coatings

Casamid™ Thermosetting Powder Coatings

Curing agents for interior epoxy powder coatings and reactive matting agents for epoxy, hybrid and exterior durable powder coatings

Energy Efficiency: Casamid™ curing agents facilitate low-temperature curing processes achieving complete cure at lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption during the process. This energy efficiency contributes to lower production costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Reduced Environmental Impact: Casamid™ can be formulated to achieve a low environmental impact using eco-friendly processes and raw materials, minimizing the generation of harmful by-products or emissions. This supports sustainable manufacturing practices and helps reduce the overall environmental footprint of the powder coating industry.

VOC-Free Formulations: Powder coatings formulated with Casamid™ curing agents are inherently free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are known to contribute to air pollution and pose health risks to humans and the environment. By using VOC-free powder coatings, the release of harmful emissions during application and curing is eliminated, creating a healthier and safer working environment.

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