Thomas Swan is pleased to present Casacide 296

Posted on December 14, 2022 BY Jo Hind

Thomas Swan is pleased to present Casacide 296. We offer a blend of Chlorinated Xylenols and provide support to customers who require alternates to Phenolic Acids.

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Casacide 296 can be used a potential replacement for Sasol Xylenol blends and Dakota Gasification Company Dephenolized Cresylic Acid. Casacide 296 potential applications include disinfectants, resins and coatings.

Quote Mark Global supply chains have seen major disruption in recent times and availability of many previously ubiquitous materials have become challenged or even disappeared. Due to Thomas Swan’s broad chemistry platform at our UK manufacturing base, we have a number of interesting ingredients and potential feedstocks that could provide reliable, consistent raw material to open up your formulating capability. Casacide 296 is one example, and I would be happy to discuss this or any potential chemistry where we might be of assistance
Gabriele Benzi

Commercial Manager

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