Thomas Swan joins Graphene@Manchester

Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd., one of the UK’s leading independent chemical manufacturers and a major global manufacturer of graphene nanoplatelets, has joined the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) at The University of Manchester as a Tier 2 partner.

The collaboration will bring together two leading forces in the graphene innovation space, with Thomas Swan being one of the early volume manufacturers of graphene and the GEIC as the UK’s leading applications innovator in the key market areas of composites, concrete, and coatings, complementing Thomas Swan’s commercial direction.

James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester, said: “We are delighted to have Thomas Swan join us a Tier 2 partner to the GEIC and to further build the materials eco-system around advancing the commercialisation of graphene products and applications. We continue to build our roster of partners at the GEIC, from material suppliers to end users and an increasing number of start-ups and scale-ups,” he added. “We look forward to further developing and accelerating new products and applications involving graphene and 2D materials to the market”.

Michael Edwards, Commercial Director – Advanced Materials at Thomas Swan, said: “This is a particularly exciting development for us as we take our graphene and other 2D materials to market. The applications and testing capabilities at the GEIC will accelerate our potential for growth into multiple market areas, particularly in polymer composites and concrete, expanding our global market presence. We have joined as a Tier 2 member to avail ourselves of the GEIC’s applications and testing benefits, as well as those of integrating seamlessly into the supply chain in this flexible support model,” Edwards added. “At Thomas Swan, we have a full R&D expertise for product development at our manufacturing facility in Consett.“