Thomas Swan To Exhibit At International Elastomer Conference 2023

Thomas Swan are exhibiting at the International Elastomer Conference in Cleveland, Ohio in October this year where Dave Abdallah, Global Key Accounts Director, will be presenting a paper ‘Pepton® Get More Done With Less Time And Energy – Mix time and energy savings and green compound stability with Pepton® DBD-based chemical peptisers’.

Thomas Swan & Co. is a UK based manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the tire & rubber, personal care and paint & coatings markets. In addition to our specialty chemicals business, we also utilize our 96 years of expertise to work with customers on a contract manufacturing basis to produce propriatary products with a wide variety of chemistries.

Swan Chemical also distributes a wide variety of products and chemicals utilized within the tire & rubber mixing segments. These materials include, but are not limited to; accelerators (traditional & specialty), adhesion promoters (Casabond), anti-degradants (antioxidants & antiozonants), black masterbatch, blowing agents, carbon nanotubes (Molecular Rebar), packaging (low melt batch-inclusion bags), peptizers (Pepton), PE wax, process oils & plasticizers, process aids (PEG), rejuvinated recycled rubber (Tirecycle), silane coupling agents, silica (fumed & precipitated) and stabilizers.

You can visit Thomas Swan at booth 214.